Thank you for the music . . . And all that Jazz

With the cold weather and dark nights creeping in, its easy to just want to hibernate behind closed

doors – especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety. Whilst others may be looking forward to

all those Christmas parties, for those who suffer from social anxiety – it’s a nightmare. At IPTC we

totally get this…many of our members suffer from social anxiety too and we appreciate what an

effort it takes to walk into a room full of people, that sinking feeling, the butterflies doing flip-flops.

Usually, this is caused by a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

It may seem like a strange idea for anyone suffering from this kind of anxiety to join a theatre

company, but drama therapy is actually a brilliant way to gain confidence as you can act out

scenarios and explore emotions such as guilt and anger that you might not feel able to at home. At

IPTC, we always do our best to make sure everyone feels welcome and we love to meet new

members. Gerica will always go that extra mile to make sure everyone is comfortable. We

acknowledge that sometimes you aren’t full of the joys of the season. We have some good listeners

and each member is important to us. Many of the members (including myself) have found our

confidence increasing since joining IPTC. Drama and learning to act and project yourself, is an

excellent way to increase self-esteem. IPTC is more than just a theatre company, it’s a family!

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