It will all be alright on the night

Less than a week to go till our Christmas event at Swinnow Community Centre and the pressure is on, so I imagine, some of us may be a little nervous. The kind of first-night performance nerves, are absolutely normal. Its perfectly natural to get butterflies before appearing on stage in public and part of being human. For instance – I, myself, haven’t acted since I was at school, I’ve enjoyed the rehearsals, but of course that little inner critic is already creeping in this week and whispering in my ear. I know my lines, I know, I know my lines, but somewhere in the back of my mind there is this little doubt telling me I will mess up, forget what I’m meant to say next, miss my cue. I doubt I’m alone – but what this says, is that we care. We care about bringing you a fine performance, inviting the audience along on this journey, entertaining them and making them laugh. Our emphasis though, is on having fun whilst bringing you high quality entertainment.

But drama can be amazing therapy for anxiety. I’ve seen some of our members – particularly the younger ones, bloom and transform from nervous wallflower to star performers, right in front of my eyes. Being able to express themselves and explore their emotions in a safe and fun environment has been therapeutic and life transforming. I conducted a study, recently, at the University of Leeds, which highlighted the positive effect of drama therapy.

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