Happy New Year?

Cast your mind back to last week. The chances are that at midnight on Wednesday 1 January, you raised a glass (or two) and in time honoured tradition, wished your friends and family 'Happy New Year' whilst your mobile phone beeped like R2D2 as notifications came in from social media. We welcomed in 2020 and made resolutions to live a more positive/healthier lifestyle.

Happy New Year...but, statistically, January is the most depressing time of year. Its cold, dark and unless you are lucky enough to be planning a holiday, it may feel like there is little to look forward to. Christmas celebrations have probably left you with an expanded waist line and a shrunken bank account. Many resolutions are quickly abandoned as we seek comfort for our misery. This becomes a vicious circle as then feelings of failure and guilt set in. On top of this, the holidays are over, the decorations have been taken down and if you had a Christmas break, its time to go back to work - which may be making you fee anxious.

Its important to realise that you are not alone in feeling the January blues. In fact its common to feel like this. Grey, wintery weather, winter bugs and long nights don't help matters any. Summer feels like a long way off. Its a struggle to get out of bed when I feel like this, so I made a few plans to meet up with people. Today I went to the 7 Arts café in Chapel Allerton, where my friend has an exhibition.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at IPTC on Monday, when rehearsals open again ready for our performance in April. There are always such positive vibes there.

Not everyone celebrates New Year in December. The Chinese for instance celebrate New Year a few weeks later. This year its on January 25 - welcome to the year of the Rat! It may not be a popular animal (I've had pet rats and I happen to love them), those born under the sign are said to be industrious and hard-working, may lack courage but make up for this in imagination. The Chinese aren't the only ones who celebrate New Year at a different time. In the pagan calendar, Halloween or Samhain, marks the end of the year and January is actually a time of planning and sowing seeds for the coming year. In Persia, New Year is celebrated in Spring, when there is visible signs of regrowth...they may have the right idea!

Remember, that the nights are actually getting shorter, next month, there will be signs that spring is on the way as snowdrops and crocuses start dotting the countryside with bursts of colour. Find something to look forward to...it could be coffee with a friend, a day trip or night out. Maybe look through last year's holiday snaps. Maybe join a club or find a new hobby. If you are interested in drama or theatre production, we always welcome new members here at IPTC. You are welcome to come along and observe a session with no commitment to join.

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