Invisible Pain Theatre Company is a community group for people who are affected by anxiety and/or depression. Some of the main features of anxiety and depression are isolation, alienation and suppression of emotions. Drama is an excellent way of providing an outlet to express emotions or even just to take a break from day to day issues and create a supportive environment.


Members can come along once or twice a week and participate in acting workshops. These workshops will build the confidence and acting ability of the participants with a view to performance in front of a supportive audience. While the main aim is performance, backstage skills such as set design, costuming, lighting, sound etc. will also be required by the company. You don't have to face an audience if you don't want to!


The skills learnt in the workshops are valuable on their own but the production of the performance piece and the resulting accomplishment also serve to help overcome the inertia of depression and give participants a goal to work towards.

Each performance that we work towards will be aimed at bringing awareness to the community about mental health and the effects it can have upon the people experiencing anxiety and depression. We will also happily explore different abstract ideas or performance ideas within the group to create a piece of abstract theatre created and owned by the entire company.

We are currently operating in our virtual space via zoom every Monday and Thursday 7pm. We also have a YouTube channel where we will be showcasing all our brilliant pre-recorded performances. Please click on the YouTube icon to subscribe to out channel.


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