Our very own devised musical

"Life Of Ilusia"

(One step at a time)

IPTC Juniors Awards Evening

End of year performance,

Musical Taster and Christmas event.


Swinnow Community Centre, LS134RF


IPTC are currently working hard on our very own musical, fully written and devised by our very own members. We are delighted to be performing at Armley Ridge Road with the help and support of Interplay theatre. Keep checking in for further updates on what will be the most artistic and exciting project for IPTC. Combining acting, dance and music in the weird and wonderful land of Ilusia as a young lost Lily tries to make sense of her mental well-being and searches desperately for answers.

Come join us on 2nd and 3rd of April 2020 at Interplay theatre, Armley Ridge Road.

Tickets on sale JANUARY 2020


"Experiencing mental health issues does not mean giving up on what makes a person happy."

Gerica McMullen 

Director and Founder IPTC

IPTC is a theatre company like no other. We work closely with the community to support and bring awareness to mental health and its surrounding effects. We are a community interest company based in the heart of Pudsey at the Robin Lane Wellbeing centre and  provide workshops and events within surrounding areas.

IPTC meet regularly for workshops and rehearsal sessions which often will be based around specific themes and projects. Workshops are designed to suit all abilities and welcome a wide range of ages from 18+. 

IPTC encourages skills and talent from all backgrounds, whether you are an aspiring actor, singer or performer or prefer the backstage environment from costume/make up to set design and promotional work.

We hold regular sessions every MONDAY 7-9PM in the Community Hall, Second floor, Robin Lane Wellbeing Centre, 23 Manor House, Pudsey, LS28 7DE

Also every Thursday at Swinnow Community Centre, Swinnow Lane, LS13 4RF

5PM-6PM Children session (6-18 year old) £4 

6.15-7.15pm Adult session £3

(membership fees apply)

IPTC are excited to announce are new sessions that have begun at Swinnow Community Centre. We are welcoming new members at this venue.


5pm-6pm CHILDREN'S WORKSHOP (6-18) £4

6.15pm - 7.15pm ADULT WORKSHOP £3

(membership fees apply)


We have started our first children's drama workshop. This will be an exciting opportunity to help develop confidence and new skills in the performing arts. As always we take into consideration those that experience mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. 

Do you have a young teenager that you feel could benefit from confidence building??

Are you feeling isolated and lonely due to your anxieties and social boundaries and are aged between 11-18 years old ??

Then this could be the perfect weekly activity for you. Come along and give it a try. Be surrounded by young people who feel exactly like you do and build on coping skills and strategies. 

Each children's workshop will include various drama and performance activities to develop and build on confidence. Activities such as:

  • Character work

  • Expression

  • Freedom of movement

  • Script work and development

  • Improvisation

  • Mime and music

  • Group engagment

  • Physical theatre

  • Vocal projection 

    along with many more performance activities.


The aim is to allow each child to feel comfortable in their surroundings and explore their own style and performance preference, whether that be scripted work or improvisation, comedy or dramatic monologues. Not only will this provide focus and something to work towards but there will also be a natural development of friendships in the group allowing the group to develop and work together, support each other, build on confidence and learn ways to cope in a social environment. It is also a great way to work with mental health awareness with young people which is becoming a rising issue within society. Our goal is to provide a service where young people can begin to feel comfortable about their anxieties and mental health whilst also gaining skills and knowledge that can be adapted and used in their future. 


Drama Performance